Stand out from the competition with the fleet management solution for all types of vehicles and mobile assets.

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Optimize the use of your vehicles and your delivery schedule.


Share information effectively and improve safety for travellers.


Monitor the precise whereabouts of your vehicles and plan appropriate maintenance.

(Ground handling)

Track your handling equipment for better security and traceability.


Effectively manage your free-floating or station–based vehicles, or offer a combination of both.


Directly integrate the Astus telemetry module during the manufacturing of your vehicles or equipment.

Service Companies

Control unnecessary idling, reward good driving habits and increase efficiency of your operations.

Other Industries

Astus can meet your needs, no matter what your business sector.

Developer. Manufacturer. Innovator.

In addition to having developed our Astus FMS fleet management software, we’re the proud designers and manufacturers of our telematics tracking device, the Astus TAG module. Because we have end-to-end knowledge of our technology, we can adapt its functions and features to meet your precise needs. Our capacity to adapt to your reality makes us a partner of choice, no matter what your business sector.

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The Astus TAG Module.
A smart module designed for all your needs.

The Astus TAG telematics onboard device is the cornerstone of the Astus solution. Designed using state-of-the-art technology, our TAG module allows multiple configurations as well as data collection up to 10 times a second. With effective tools like the Astus TAG module on board, you’re sure to stand out from the competition.

More about the Astus TAG module

Astus Software.
Management made simple.

  • Real-time data processing using the Astus TAG module allows you to prepare custom reports in many formats.
  • Available in a Windows desktop version, a web version and a specially developed smartphone version.
  • Access data at all times with cloud and global onboard technology.

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Detailed features that better serve all your needs.

In addition to offering all the standard functions of a fleet management solution, the Astus FMS software, the Astus TAG module and its peripherals allows a wide variety of features.

« We are extremely pleased with the responsiveness and expertise of Astus as a technology provider who has been supporting our operations for over 15 years now. Astus has evolved its solution, both in terms of technical capabilities of embedded modules and software, to adapt to our different business models. »

Benoît Robert, President, Communauto

« Since the installation of the software, we have significantly reduced our costs thanks in particular to monitoring idling and managing waiting time. In addition, the Astus solution allows us to improve communications between our dispatchers and our drivers, the management of mechanical problems and the reaction time to respond to our customers. The Astus software is easy to use and the after-sales and technical support is excellent »

Dominique Bédard, Operations director, Transport Matte

« The ASTUS solution operates like virtual eyes overseeing our fleet management operations. By choosing the intelligent solution for producing custom reports, we can avoid analyzing tons of real-time data. With all the time we save, we can focus our efforts on dealing with priority situations. »

Dominic Corbeil, IT and operations Director, Gaz Métro Plus, Énergir Group