About us

Developer. Manufacturer. Innovator.

Astus is a leader in the market of solutions for vehicle fleet and mobile assets management. We provide a software and a telematics tracking device that have been fully developed, designed and manufactured locally, by our team. That is why Astus can offer you a product that is tailored to your specific needs, flexible and efficient, at a competitive price.

Over 25 years of expertise in providing solutions for vehicle fleet and mobile assets management

Having been in the market for more than 25 years, Astus is a worldwide pioneer in developing fleet management solutions to improve the performance and productivity of companies in many business sectors.

Astus has innovation written in its DNA.

Astus is a leader in fleet management solutions thanks to its R&D team. We improve our products based on the needs expressed by our clients from all business sectors in all the transportation industries. For this reason, we can offer reliable and scalable solutions for our clients throughout the world.

Our vision

To be a world-class, leading partner for serving the mobility sector, providing quality products and superior performance.

Our mission

To design and market innovative and environmentally responsible solutions in order to optimize mobility logistics for assets and people, by providing precise telemetric data.

Our values

Quality and reliability of our products, manufactured in Canada.

Creativity, with the goal of continually expanding innovation.

Integrity and respect for people, both within our team and for our clients and suppliers.

Responsiveness to needs, in order to provide well-engineered solutions.

Success, from the standpoint of always providing the best product for our clients.

Build a career with us

At Astus, a challenging and innovative career awaits you. Join our family!


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