Fleet management solution for vehicle and ground support equipment (GSE): when respecting schedules and safety is a priority

We know that the movement of vehicle and ground support equipment (GSE) on the airport tarmac is choreographed in a meticulously timed sequence.

Whether you are active in the field of cabin service, passenger service, catering, ramp service, or field operation service, Astus offers a fleet management solution that provides real-time data to track, manage and optimize the management of several types of vehicles and airport ground support equipment (GSE). The Astus solution can be used for various equipment, including:

  • Passenger boarding stairs
  • Luggage carpets
  • Carriers
  • Tractor and baggage carts
  • Aircraft Refuellers
  • Hotel trucks
  • Aircraft tractor
  • Safety vehicles

To ensure that everything goes according to plan and in a safe way, Astus offers functionalities that optimise the performance and use of your vehicles and ground support equipment (GSE):

Optimized equipment management

  • Locate your vehicles and equipment in real time 24 hours a day
  • Manage vehicle and equipment availability more effectively
  • Make your circle check easier and faster
  • Plan the care and maintenance of your vehicles
  • Track and record temperature variation of your cargoes

Driver Management

  • Manage permissions and restrictions to access vehicles
  • Control the usage of your vehicles and equipment with the identification of your employees
  • Oversee compliance with tarmac driving regulations

Security Management

  • Control access to restricted areas by sending notifications or alerts when entering and leaving zones
  • Control access to equipment and vehicles
  • Ensure traceability of events with the history of recorded telemetry data

The Astus solution is used in several airports around the world, including Heathrow, Hong Kong and Paris-Charles de Gaulle

The Astus solution is a vital component integrated with the XOPS platform, offered by Resonate MP4, a company specialized in the management of airport ground support equipment. This platform offers a complete fleet management software solution for ground support equipment. It is linked to the flight information system and includes a data analysis and full reporting system. This unique platform allows all critical ground operations to be visualized on screen and managed in a single IT environment.

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Astus Features

Our solution offers features developed to fit the reality of your industry:

Do you have special requirements for the management of vehicles and airport ground support equipment (GSE)?

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