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Astus TAG-3 Model

3rd generation device of the Astus TAG family

The Astus TAG 3 is equipped with a highly accurate GPS receiver, an internal battery and a size of internal storage memory unmatched on the market. It is recognized for its great configurability, connectivity and flexibility. These advantages are critical to support markets in full transformation such as the electrification of transport, car sharing, ground handling as well as the transport of goods and people.

The TAG-3 offers a wide range of features and several connectivities including driver identification by RFID cards reader, intelligent use of the satellite network, integration with onboard scales and lift-dumper devices and the use of navigation tools. It also allows the integration of a key/card holder and offers several other alternatives for connecting accessories.

Features and Connectivity











Mobile assets detection


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Product Specifications

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 0.3 pounds (130 g)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 80°C
  • External power supply : 8 to 32 V DC
  • Housing Type Black ABS plastic, flame retardant
  • Main connector: 12-pin MicroFit


  • Connection to multiple accessories (sensors, I/O, satellite antenna, spreaders and others)
  • Connection to multiple optional peripherals
  • Integrated Bluetooth® BLE technology
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Multi-channel satellite positioning device
  • Remote GPS and Cellular antennas
  • Astus ELD compatible

Optional peripherals

  • RFID card reader and/or RFID chips
  • Bluetooth® chips and long range RFID chips for mobile asset tracking
  • Temperature sensor
  • Buzzer and / or LED warning light
  • Private / professional life button
  • Navigation device
  • Integration with on-board scales and lift dumper devices

Secure and standardized installation

Installation by experienced installers

Ability to connect to multiple peripheral devices, accessories and I/O

Secure installation

« We are extremely pleased with the responsiveness and expertise of Astus as a technology provider who has been supporting our operations for over 15 years now. Astus has evolved its solution, both in terms of technical capabilities of embedded modules and software, to adapt to our different business models. »

Benoît Robert, President, Communauto

« Since the installation of the software, we have significantly reduced our costs thanks in particular to monitoring idling and managing waiting time. In addition, the Astus solution allows us to improve communications between our dispatchers and our drivers, the management of mechanical problems and the reaction time to respond to our customers. The Astus software is easy to use and the after-sales and technical support is excellent »

Dominique Bédard, Operations director, Transport Matte

« The ASTUS solution operates like virtual eyes overseeing our fleet management operations. By choosing the intelligent solution for producing custom reports, we can avoid analyzing tons of real-time data. With all the time we save, we can focus our efforts on dealing with priority situations. »

Dominic Corbeil, IT and operations Director, Gaz Métro Plus, Énergir Group

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