Astus ELD
The flexible easy-to-use logbook /
circle check app

Astus believes that fleet owners should be able to take advantage of the latest technological advances. Using our proven methodology, we’ve developed a new product that draws on the Astus philosophy you’re already familiar with. This new app is innovative, powerful and effective.

Astus ELD is also flexible, which means its design uses an open architecture allowing it to work with a wide range of mobile technology available on the market.

The Astus ELD app helps fleet managers take care of daily tasks for greater efficiency and maximum returns.

*Our app complies with North American standards and regulations.

It reduces the need for paper forms and the time wasted in transmitting Hours of Service (HOS) and circle check

It helps make better use of human resources by quickly determining which drivers and which trucks are available.

It reduces the risk of incurring losses due to expensive roadside assistance and repairs by quickly making you aware of any mechanical problems detected.

See how easy it is to compile Hours of Service and circle check data while reducing the need for paper forms.

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Astus ELD


Astus ELD electronic logbook meets all your needs

Compliant with FMCSA

In the US, the Astus ELD electronic logbook complies with FMCSA regulations. This regulation came into effect on December 18, 2017.

Efficient and user-friendly

As fleet manager, you’ll be more efficient in both managing your fleet and dispatching assignments thanks to its user-friendly interface and simple operation.

Real time data

Astus allows you to know the status of your drivers in real time, as well as their daily Hours of Service (HOS). It also allows drivers and dispatchers to see how many hours were worked on previous days.

End of paperwork!

A practical way of replacing the paper logbook with one that works seamlessly with electronic fleet management tools. The app is an efficient solution for recording Hours of Service that could be submitted to the payroll department.


As a subscriber to Astus ELD, you’ll get all the flexibility you need when adding or cancelling user licences as your needs change. So you won’t have to pay for a service you don’t need during off-peak periods!

Simple and effective fleet management is now possible thanks to the Astus ELD electronic logbook.




The electronic circle check, available individually or combined with the logbook feature

No more waiting

With the Astus ELD circle check feature, there is no wait between your drivers filling out their daily vehicle inspection reports and the moment your dispatcher receives them. It provides you with real-time information on vehicles situation and helps you respect your schedules.

No more risks!

The app takes into account precise conditions as encountered by the driver and triggers an alarm at your dispatching centre when action is required from you, which allows you to take quick action when problems arise.

Efficient fleet management

The circle check feature is a way of reducing paperwork and managing your fleet more effectively. It is easy to use and can be configured for different types of inspection depending on the vehicle.


The electronic circle check complies with North American regulations thus prevents from risks associated with non-compliance.

See how effective our circle check app can be, and how it can help you avoid breakdowns and delays in delivery.