In-depth features,
tailored to your needs.

Do you want to position yourself at the forefront and remain competitive in your market? Our Astus TAG telematics tracking device, combined with our Astus FMS software, is the ideal solution. Developed by our team, our solution is versatile, customizable and flexible. It offers all the key characteristics of an effective management tool to help you reduce your costs and minimize time waste.

Vehicle and
Driver Management

Fleet management software that allows you to prepare reports in a variety of configurations, with data that is useful to you.

Electronic Logbook
and Vehicle Inspections (DVIR)

A comprehensive application that meets the new regulations and can be used along with your existing vehicle fleet management tools.




Route Comparison

This feature allows you to ensure that schedules are being followed.

Mobile Assets Tracking

Collect all the data you need to track all your equipment with the Asset trackers. Adapted to harsh industrial environments, combining robustness, compactness and longevity, the beacon is equipped with Bluetooth technology. This long-range Bluetooth “Low Energy” technology interfaces with Astus TAG-3 or Astus QC25 modules, allowing its detection and traceability.


Whether you are operating a carsharing organization or simply offering shared vehicles to your employees, you need a reliable tool to track their usage. Astus is the flexible tool you need to achieve it.

Electric Vehicles

Astus was able to adapt quickly to the new hybrid and electric cars by providing the manager with specific information about these new technologies.

Astus can also be adapted to your unique reality. Contact our team

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