Freight transport

A fleet management tool that optimizes the use of your vehicles and mobile assets.

With its versatile features, Astus represents a significant advantage for freight carriers. Whether it is for road transport (trucks and trailers) or the delivery of all types of packages, you can trust Astus FMS and its optional peripherals to optimize your deliveries.


Increased productivity

  • Optimize your trips and travel times
  • Keep informed about traffic flow and conditions
  • Optimize the use of your mobile assets
  • Monitor your delivery times

Cost reduction

  • Save on fuel and prevent theft
  • Reduce your exposure of getting speeding tickets or accidents

Better freight protection

  • Provide temperature-controlled transport of goods
  • Quickly locate trailers, trucks and convoys

Improved management of maintenance services

  • Get real-time notification about the condition of vehicles
  • Prevent costly repairs through effective planning of maintenance services
  • Reduce your maintenance costs

Effective monitoring of driver behaviour

  • Improve and manage driver performance and skills
  • Attract and retain good drivers
  • Easily connect drivers and trucks

Better compliance management

  • Keep up to date and in compliance with standards and regulations
  • Manage your documents more efficiently
  • Provide good complaints management for a better corporate image
  • Accelerate your invoicing and payroll process
  • Increase the satisfaction of your clients

Astus Features

Our solution offers features developed to fit the reality of your industry:

Does your company have special requirements for vehicle and driver management? Astus can adapt its solutions based on your specific needs.

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