Passenger transportation

Passenger transportation fleet management: increased security through better information.

Because nothing is more important than the safety of the people you are transporting. Astus offers you peace of mind. Obtain all the advantages and versatility of our solution, whether it is for charter transportation, school transportation, paratransit or even public transit.


Optimized routes and trips

  • Create customized routes that you can optimize according to your stops and your travel times
  • Compare routes to confirm that schedules are being followed
  • Ensure that buses comply with the schedule for each stop in order to prevent the accordion effect/li>

Optimum passenger safety

  • Reinforce passenger safety through better driving behaviour management

Specific features for all types of transportation

  • Put in place better ways to manage the special needs of paratransit passengers
  • Track all your means of transportation

Meeting school transportation needs

  • Have better information exchange between transportation companies and school boards
  • Get information from the transport operations to share it with the parents
  • Get information you need to optimize bus schedules and enhance children’s safety

Astus Features

Our solution offers features developed to fit the reality of your industry:

Does your company have special requirements for vehicle and driver management? Astus can adapt its solutions based on your specific needs.

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