Benefit from a fully
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For over 25 years, Astus has been deploying fleet and mobile asset management solutions based on the use of its Astus FMS software and cutting-edge telemetry solutions incorporating Bluetooth® communication technology.

Choose and combine the Astus QuickConnect and Astus TAG product family according to their respective features to benefit from a fully adapted solution.

Versatility Connectivity & Connectivity

Astus TAG product family

Discover the versatility of connectivity and multiple unique features!

The TAG 3 offers a wide range of features and several connectivity possibilities including driver identification by RFID cards reader, intelligent use of the satellite network, integration with on-board scales and lift-dumper devices, use of several navigation tools and many other alternatives for connecting accessories.

Flexibility Autonomy & Autonomy

QuickConnect product family

Plug and play devices for increased flexibility and autonomy!

Equipped with a highly accurate GPS receiver, the QC25 device is easily installed and plugged into OBDII and J1939 vehicle sockets. The Astus QC25 with Bluetooth connectivity is the first device in the Astus QuickConnect family.

Astus FMS.

A fleet management software for all types of vehicles

Astus FMS in Web and/or Windows version offers an incomparable range of functionalities. Astus FMS allows you to combine the Astus TAG and QuickConnect devices, suitable for both heavy and light vehicles, in a single fleet.

An adaptable fleet management technology in a cloud computing environment:

  • Real-time data (RTD)
  • History of operations
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Customized and automated performance and usage reports
  • Cloud-based data available 24/7
  • Management of vehicle access and use rights

Astus ELD.

DVIR and logbook app

A comprehensive application for an electronic logbook and vehicle inspections to meet the requirements of new American and Canadian laws on electronic logging device (ELD).

  • Opt for a simple and user-friendly solution
  • Rely on a dedicated and experienced team
  • Gain in efficiency for all your operations
  • Choose a solution that adapts to a multitude of mobile devices
  • Deploy an affordable solution for a quick return on investment

Discover other available options

Mobile Assets Management

Mobile Assets Tracking

Enables real-time viewing and tracking of sensitive mobile assets when using beacons attached to these assets.

Load weight management

Tracking of the weight of the transported goods

Allows viewing and tracking of weight and its fluctuations in real time when using on-board scales.

Temperature management

Temperature monitoring in critical areas

Allows the monitoring of the temperature of sensitive goods with the use of temperature probes in cargo areas or by using beacons fixed in critical areas.

Identification management

Vehicle access monitoring

Allows driver identification and authorization of vehicle access according to operator criteria and ensures follow-up.

Accessory Management

Tracking of vehicle accessory readings

Allows the tracking of accessories such as the opening of doors/dumpsters, PTOs, spreaders, scrapers and many others.

Messaging management

Sending destinations and messages to drivers

Allows sending destinations and two-way messaging.

Card and key management

Card and key return control

Intelligent device to assist and simplify the management of vehicle cards/keys.

Out of cell area management

Data monitoring outside cellular area

Allows for the capture and transmission of data from vehicles traveling outside the cellular network.

Extended Asset Management

Extended mobile asset tracking

Extended Bluetooth® communication device allowing the reading of assets in the trailer connected to Astus device in the vehicle cabin.

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