Astus technology:
stand out from the competition with our high-performance tools.

The experienced Astus team develops, designs and manufactures the most flexible and versatile fleet management solution on the market. As a result of our commitment to technological innovation, we are able to provide you with powerful tools that can be adapted to your needs.

Astus TAG.

Telematics tracking module

Our Astus TAG module is a telematics tool installed in vehicles that processes and fowards information through the cellular network, making it possible to produce comprehensive reports for in-depth analysis of data.

Astus FMS.

Fleet management software

Developed for Windows platforms, Astus FMS software is also available in an online version and on mobile devices. In addition, the data transmitted is secured as it is encrypted and compatible with proxy servers.

Add-ons and other options can also meet more specific needs that you may have.

Astus FLEX.

Mobile telematics module

The Astus FLEX module is a mobile telematics tracking tool. It is equipped with an adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter, allowing it to be moved from one vehicle to another.


GPS screen

Take advantage of two-way communication between the drivers and dispatchers with a Garmin screen installed on the vehicle dashboard, in addition to its regular GPS features.

Astus TK.

Temperature control

Provide remote temperature control of refrigerated transports using a TAG module configuration specially adapted for Thermo-King refrigeration units.

Astus TEMP.

Temperature sensor

The TEMP temperature sensor plugs into the TAG module and enables temperatures to be monitored in a maximum of 3 different areas in a trailer.

Astus RFID-LP.

Mobile assets tracking

The RFID-LP feature enables mobile assets tracking. It is made up of two elements: the receiver, plugged into the Astus TAG module, makes it possible to read and locate nearby active RFID chips.

Astus ELD.

DVIR and logbook app

A comprehensive application for an electronic logbook and vehicle inspections to meet the requirements of new American and Canadian laws.

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